KD26 is a creative studio by Korinna van Balkom (1989) and Daan Rietbergen (1988). Van Balkom collaborates with various designers and artists to create limited edition fashion pieces, while Rietbergen specializes in timeless typographic systems that are brought to life in various ways. KD26 operates at the intersection of fashion, typography and art and will ultimately realize 26 unique artworks, starting with the letter A and ending with the letter Z. By working together and using their specific strengths, the two designers elevate each other. Van Balkom brings Rietbergen’s typographic shapes to life by translating them meticulously and systematically into textiles, while Rietbergen’s unique visual language leads to unexpected adjustments in Van Balkom’s moldings. These parallel processes elevate the garments to unique works of art. KD26 takes a critical look at the contemporary fashion industry, where mass production and environmental pollution are the norm. With their work, they aim to revalue fashion as a form of art, designing and crafting each item with respect and consideration for materials, craftsmanship, aesthetics and the environment. They hope to contribute to the awareness of the true value of clothing and the creative and intensive process that lies behind it. By choosing for single unique statement pieces and embracing sustainable materials and production, KD26 opposes mass production. 

Korinna van Balkom
+31 63 075 94 63

Daan Rietbergen
+31 68 170 88 25

Zorgvliet 15
3723EP De Bilt
The Netherlands


KD26 A
Dutch Design Week, 2023
Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven

KD26 A
De Utrechtse Boekenbar, Utrecht, 2023