KD26 A
KD26 A

KD26 A is a handcrafted kimono, created out of an upcycled 100% wool blanket, with the letter A integrated using a cotton cord. Inspiration was found in the traditional Japanese kimono and the initial application of the original material had a significant impact on the final design. The shape of the letter A moves from right to left in a repetitive way, guided by a grid, which makes the structured shape dynamic. The grid and the movement are integrated into the kimono by using an enlarged and evolved tufting technique. Thanks to the two contrasting sides of the original blanket and the unique tufting method, the outside has a different color and structure than the inside, allowing the kimono to be worn inside out as well. KD26 A is exclusive in both design and edition. The kimono is a result of extensive research into form, materials and systems. Experiment is of great importance as it allows KD26 to push boundaries.

Photography: Jesse Claus
Model: Destiny Osamagbe Imade

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