A publication about a handcrafted typographic kimono with two booklets in one; the end result with photography by Jesse Claus and the process with typographic sketches and material tests.

Offset CMYK + pantone silver
48 pages, 210 x 280 mm
Double notebook stitch
Magno Volume 250 gr, 115 gr
GreenTop 80 gr

Limited edition of 300 copies
€26 (E–mail kd26studio@gmail.com to get a copy)

Stockists Worldwide

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL)
MagCulture, London (UK)
Casa magazines, NYC, New York (USA)
North East, Tokyo (JP)
Softcover, Vienna (AT)
Cahier Central, Paris (FR)
Frab’s Magazine, Milan (IT)
Msbwb, Lausanne (CH)
Spoonbill & Sugartown Books, Brooklyn, NY (USA)
BTWNLNS, Newtown (AU)
De Utrechtse Boekenbar, Utrecht (NL)
Stroom, Den Haag (NL)
Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)

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